Izabela Borowiecka 

Born on 14.01.1954, Polish physician awarded the Certificate of Peace in 2013,  Education for the promotion of complementary therapies in Poland, II degree specialist in internal medicine, specialising in homeopathy, acupuncture, acupressure, iridology, energy therapy and other techniques. She has function as the National Secretary of the International Organization for Peace Education from 2014.



 Education and professional work :

She graduated from High School No. XXI. Hugo Kołłątaja (1973) and graduated from the Medical Academy in Warsaw (1983). First degree of specialization in Internal Medicine received in 1992, and the second degree in 1998.

 A graduate specialization courses: homeopathy (1993 to 2009), acupuncture (2003), Iridology (2006).

She worked as an assistant and senior assistant and doctor in the Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology, Medical Academy of Warsaw (now the Medical University of Warsaw).

Participant and author of scientific research of an international team on the metabolism and diabetic complications.

Current Activities Teaching courses in iridology, acupuncture and homeopathy for physicians, therapists and pharmacists.

Consultant for the portal about homeopathy.

Propagator of natural treatments and diagnostics in television, radio and the magazines. 

The author of the unique method combining application of electrical stimulation and acupuncture for cutaneous administration of homeopathic medicine Homeoacustim ®.

Since 2004, leads Verde Medical Center in Warsaw, in addition to providing medical training activities and courses. She is a member of a group which developed a new procedure for treatment of pain under the name Sine Dolore Concept ®. 

She is also a member of a team performing the procedure for non-pharmacological treatment of depression and burnout (method endorfin-physical precursors and neurotransmitters). 

In 2013, she received a Certificate of Peace Education from the Polish Delegation (Polish Chapter) of the International Organization for Peace Education (IAEWP) - an international organization affiliated with the United Nations.


 She cooperates with the College of Homeopathy The Other Song in Mumbai for over two years. She has signed a cooperation agreement Dr. Paresh Vasani courses to Poland 2 times per year. She organized a course with Dr. Jan Scholten in mid-March. He is a very famous homeopath for the introduction of lanthanides to homeopathy, made them provingi and applied them in treatment.

There is a great interest in these lectures.

Here are 2 links to schools in Mumbai.



Here's cooperation with an international group of doctors and professors




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